About us


I am Alessandra, Food Engineer, crazy dog mom and animal lover! I believe that there is no mental sanity without a dog in your life, that they deserve to be pampered and loved every day of their lives! 

Woofy Bits Barkery was created with that in mind, to pamper, to celebrate, to praise our 4-paws kids with the healthiest and tasteful option ever!

Everything started with the day we volunteered to work in a shelter and fell in love with a husky that was found stray, no need to say that we adopted him! He lived with us for long happy years, being totally spoiled! When he was 16, we got the worst news... he had liver cancer and surgery was not possible! He was not eating his food (which was uncommon because he was so greedy!) so we started preparing his meals and treats with the ingredients we knew he loved. That was the only way he could take his medicines properly. 

To celebrate his birthday and his brother's (yes, we had another one with us! A cocker spaniel that was also adopted later) we wanted to find birthday cakes but we couldn't so we decided to buy a big cookie from our neighborhood pet store to celebrate their big day!  After eating it, our cocker spaniel threw up and felt sick all night! What a frustration! We decided to make our own cookies and cakes using only fresh ingredients and not adding any preservatives or fillers to them so they could enjoy being pampered without feeling sick after.

Our idea of baking fresh cakes and treats than became reality and Woofy Bits Barkery was born! 

In the meantime our senior husky crossed the rainbow bridge breaking our hearts and leaving a huge hole in our souls! We decided we would adopt a new husky, Mr. Lobo (featured in our pictures) - it was never a replacement but a relieve for the pain we were feeling!

As far as our Woofy Bits Barkery journey, it was long days and nights of learning, trial and errors, lots of tasting sessions with our two sensory specialists (Milo and Lobo) and the joy of seeing that everything was coming together! After a lot of studying about dog-safe ingredients, their benefit on dog's health, developing recipes and practicing lots of cakes and cookies decorations we finally launched our store online!

We really hope your furbabies try our treats and cakes, we can positively assure you they will LOVE them! All our treats are handmade with lots of love and respect, they are carefully tested by our super sensory specialists Milo and Lobo!